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Iron EarthConsult A Backyard Farm (ABYF) for organic vegetable garden design, installation, maintenance, and teaching. From rooftops, patios and parking lots to backyards, businesses and collaborations, our company provides a full array of services to schools, families, communities and therapeutic programs. Partner with us to enhance your health and wellness initiatives, support children’s interest in learning about nature and growing their own food, in building community cohesion or adding value to your multi-housing development.

City of Crystal


P9080151 “Joan and Coleen from A Backyard Farm are amazing. They took our vision of an edible courtyard and made it into a reality that visitors to our Community Center can enjoy. I looked forward to interacting with their personable and knowledgeable staff each week, and I learned so much about gardening. We could not have done this project without them, and we look forward to work with them in the future.”

Scott Berggren, Recreation Services Manager

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Prior Lake – Savage School District


P9080151 “A Backyard Farm has been an amazing partner for our school district. They have an extensive knowledge of organic gardening methods, but the part that is most impressive, is their ability to connect with and build relationships with our students. It is truly evident that they love their work and have a passion for educating and engaging youth.”

Jayme Anderson, MPH, RD, Assistant, Director of Child Nutrition

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Steven, Scott Management


P9080151 “C&E Lofts and Flats residents love our Organic Community Garden by A Backyard Farm! Residents had been asking for a community garden, but this is not an amenity we could offer on our own. A Backyard Farm makes it so simple by taking care of everything from the initial set up to spring planting and fall clean up and everything in-between! Our garden is always photo ready and being able to offer fresh organic produce to our residents was a game changer. Our Organic Community Garden has helped us build a stronger sense of community with our residents, helps us retain current and attract new ones and sets us apart from our competition! A Backyard Farm makes it all possible!”

Anne O’Neil, Property Manager

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Community Emergency Assistance Program


P9080151 “CEAP’s children’s garden and community gardens are a place for people to come together, children to learn, and our neighbors to gather and nourish their minds, bodies, and spirits. The work by A Backyard Farm was critical in bringing our dreams and vision for our community to a tangible reality. These gardens mirror CEAP’s values of joy, community connection, and nourishment.”

Clare Brumback, President

This project was supported through a hands-on corporate giving experience.

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Centro Tyrone Guzman Center


P9080151 “Centro Tyrone Guzman began partnering with A Backyard Farm with the goal to help our low-income Latine families access fresh, locally-grown produce. Joan and Coleen’s work has exceeded our expectations in every way! Not only has their gardening expertise led to the production of hundreds of pounds of produce for our families and programs each year - their genuine and thoughtful way of interacting with participants of all backgrounds and ages, from children to elders, has generated enthusiasm for gardening and healthy eating amongst our families. We are so grateful for our partnership with A Backyard Farm!”

Roxana Linares Executive Director

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Avivo Community Support Program-Minneapolis


P9080151 “A Backyard Farm built 5 raised garden beds for our CSP program that assists adults living with a serious and persistent mental illness that live in the community. The WOW on a members face as they bit into a fresh picked tomato or chewed a leaf of stevia and tasted the homegrown sweetness was a 16 year long dream fulfilled. It was fun for the staff and members to learn about the growing cycle together and watch the seeds grow into plants. The ability to provide fresh, organic produce and to provide the outdoor art for the community at large is very gratifying.”

Wanda Baas, Manager

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Gan Shelanu Preschool


"Thanks to Farmer Joan and Farmer Coleen, our preschool's garden has provided a wealth of learning opportunities for our students. Our budding farmers plant the seeds, pull weeds, water young sprouts and (hopefully!) eat the bountiful harvest. We have extended our classrooms outside and have provided our young "horticulturists" an opportunity to explore, discover and learn within the natural environment. Thanks to a yearly bumper crop, a wide variety of vegetables and herbs are also donated to a local food shelf."

Janice Schactman, Preschool Director