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Blog Archive for January 2014

Fall is Here!

by jennifer.

It's September 23rd and officially the first day of fall! Soon the leaves will all be changing color, you'll see pumpkins at the front of the grocery stores, and possibly best of all, the weather will be great! 

Fruit, Veggies and Pesticides

by jennifer.

We know a healthy diet requires a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, but these seemingly healthy choices may instead be full of pesticides! Take a look below to find out what else you're consuming when biting into an apple.

Fruit, Veggies and Pesticides Infographic

What is a Food Hub?

by jennifer.

Food hubs are a crucial, but often invisible, part of the local food system. They help small farms grow by offering a combination of production, distribution, and marketing services. 

There are now 236 food hubs in the U.S., with more popping...

Rolo Stuffed Pumpkin Spice Pudding Cookies

by jennifer.

Generally I like to keep the recipes I post on the nutritious side, but when I saw these Rolo Stuffed Pumpkin Spice Pudding Cookies (what a mouthful), I couldn't resist. 

The temperature around Minnesota has finally been lowering, and almost...

The Humble Tomato

by jennifer.

Tomato, a nutritious fruit commonly used as a vegetable, is another wonderful gift of Mayans. The humble vegetable has grabbed the attention of millions of health seekers for its incredible phyto-chemical properties. Interestingly, it has more...

Green Smoothie - Blueberry Avocado

by jennifer.

It may sound a little weird, but the blueberry avocado smoothie is fantastic! The avocado doesn't really add much taste, rather it makes the smoothie deliciously creamy. 

All you need for this recipe is an avocado, blueberries, a banana...

Build the Benefits of a Raised Bed

by jennifer.

Gardening is one of the fastest-growing hobbies around, and chances are, you or someone you know is interested in raised bed gardening. www.custommade.com has created an infographic entitled “Build the Benefits of a Raised Bed”, giving you all of...

Superfood Super Guide

by jennifer.

Superfoods are good for your body inside and out. With lots of nutrients but not a lot of calories, they pack a big PUNCH! into little bites, and that's why we love them.

Superfood SuperGuide Infographic