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Bloomington Farmers Market

by jennifer.

At the Bloomington Farmers Market you'll find fresh locally grown produce, flowers, meat, cheese, honey, berries, jams, honey, maple syrup, baked goods, pickles, coffee, smoothies, kettle corn, and unique works of art. So, if you're looking to...

Seeds of Life

by jennifer.

International Seeds Day took place in April. It aimed to educate the public on the hazardous effects of genetically modified foods on people’s health, as well as the dangerous impact they may have on organic and independent farming. As debates...

To 3 Reasons to Can Your Own Food

by jennifer.

If you have your own organic garden, you may end up with more fruits and veggies that you can possibly eat before they start to go bad. The solution is either to give them away to friends, or start canning your own food! Canning can turn into a...

Minnesota Berry Harvest Ready for Picking

by jennifer.

Due to our cold, wet spring season, the growing season was delayed slightly, but finally you can start to anticipate picking a variety of berries throughout the state this month. 

According to Beth O'Connor of Blueberry Fields, Gabe Knapton...