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Primary Nutrients for Plant Growth

by jennifer.

Like humans, plants require a specific set of nutrients to ensure healthy growth and development. If a plant’s soil is lacking in any one of these necessary nutrients, the remaining nutrients are limited in their effectiveness in helping the plant...


by jennifer.

If you don't have the yard for an outdoor compost, it is possible to make one that can easily fit in a closet, garage, or pantry. Instead of sending your food scraps down the disposal or the garbage, you can turn your food scraps into...

What's an Earthworm Worth

by jennifer.

“It may be doubted whether there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world as these lowly organised creatures” Charles Darwin 1881

In this infographic from Turf Growers, you'll learn about the...

Iron Earth - Producing Healthy Plants

by jennifer.

Iron EarthWhat is Iron Earth? Iron Earth is a highly compressed fertilizer like material filled with minerals for your garden. We know that the soil is lacking in minerals and because of that the plants we grow don't contain enough minerals in them making...

Month to Month Veggies and Fruits

by jennifer.

Seasonal eating is healthy eating; also economical, eco-friendly and downright delicious...in fact, we cannot think of a down-side. Use this infographic to learn which foods are in season then stock up your pantry with the freshest most seasonally...

June Gardening Tips

by jennifer.

June is here, and your garden is going to need plenty of attention! Here are some June gardening tips for those of braving the Minnesota summer. 

1. Be sure to keep on top of weeds during the early parts of summer. As your plants become...

The Benefits of DIY Greenhouses

by jennifer.

Installing a greenhouse in your garden is one of the best ways to grow your plants. Learn the many benefits of having your own DIY greenhouse in this infographic from Oldfields.

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