A Back Yard Farm

June Gardening Tips

by jennifer.

June is here, and your garden is going to need plenty of attention! Here are some June gardening tips for those of braving the Minnesota summer. 

1. Be sure to keep on top of weeds during the early parts of summer. As your plants become bigger they will quickly grow into the bare spaces the weeds are trying to take over. 

2. Make sure to prune off the bad parts of your plant and keep and eye out for bugs. 

3. Water! It's finally getting hot. Can you believe it snowed early last month? 

3. Keep your garden organized! Make sure tall plants like tomatoes have stands so that they can grow properly and you can ensure they don't start to take over your entire garden! 

4. Grass will quickly take your garden over. Make sure you have good quality edging installed to keep it out. 

Here at a back yard farm we install quality edging and regularly stop by to ensure your plants are growing as strong and healthy as the weather permits. If you're too busy to keep your own garden, but would like the benefits of fresh fruits and veggies, be sure to give us a call.