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Iron Earth - Producing Healthy Plants

by jennifer.

Iron EarthWhat is Iron Earth? Iron Earth is a highly compressed fertilizer like material filled with minerals for your garden. We know that the soil is lacking in minerals and because of that the plants we grow don't contain enough minerals in them making them deficient. Iron Earth restores the minerals to the soil which produces a healthier plant.

Iron Earth is a compressed, natural, organic, mineral shale formed through the biological of plant life over 70 million years old. By adding Iron Earth to your garden soil and planter pots you're giving the nutrients necessary of excellent soil conditions and optimal plant growth.

A Backyard Farm is the exclusive dealer of Iron Earth in the Minnesota.

Iron Earth is perfect to add to soil in gardens, flower pots, window boxes, around trees. It's great for your lawn and works on house plants, tropical plants and fruits and vegetables.

To learn more about this amazing re-mineralizer please visit the Iron Earth website.