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Interesting Tree Facts

by jennifer.

Trees are vital for our environment. Apart from serving as natural air filters, there are many interesting facts about trees that an average person maybe unaware of. This infographic highlights some interesting tree facts and statistics.

Interesting Tree Facts Infographic

Organic Home Gardening

by jennifer.

This infographic displays information about home gardening in the United States and the benefits of having your own home garden. It breaks down the amount of money one could save per year by starting their own garden and shows the common...

Herb Your Enthusiasm

by jennifer.

Whether you’re brand-new to the gardening game, of you’re a seasoned pro, herbs are always a fun, rewarding plant to grow. With a high success rate in growing, and a vast amount of uses, herbs claim one of the top spots in gardener’s hearts...

The Visual Spectrum of Natural Nutrition

by jennifer.

The following is an infographic that throws light on many benefits that a range of fruits and vegetables can provide. The infographic goes over the benefits of a whole foods diet, nutrient breakdown by color, and concludes that a whole foods diet...