A Back Yard Farm

Herb Your Enthusiasm

by jennifer.

Whether you’re brand-new to the gardening game, of you’re a seasoned pro, herbs are always a fun, rewarding plant to grow. With a high success rate in growing, and a vast amount of uses, herbs claim one of the top spots in gardener’s hearts throughout the world. It is important to know, however, when to use which herb, and which dishes the herb will work best in. 

www.northwestpharmacy.com has created an infographic entitled “Herb Your Enthusiasm”, which gives you all the info you need in order to use those herbs in the best way possible, complete with planting tips, flavor profiles, and even recommended shortlists of what types of dishes to best utilize the herb’s flavor. 

For instance, when you’re trying to re-create your dear grandma’s favorite stuffing recipe, but something is just not right, how about adding some sage or lemon balm? Looking to bring something different to a dinner party? Try a roast with a dry rub including rosemary, savory, and marjoram? This infographic is great for printing out and attaching to your fridge or cookbook stand for easy reference.

Herb Your Enthusiasm Infographic