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To 3 Reasons to Can Your Own Food

by jennifer.

If you have your own organic garden, you may end up with more fruits and veggies that you can possibly eat before they start to go bad. The solution is either to give them away to friends, or start canning your own food! Canning can turn into a fun part of the gardening experience. If you have yet to attempt to can your own food, maybe this is the year to start. 

Here are the top five reasons to can your own food. 


Canning your excess food not only reduces food waste, it also helps to preserve the environment. For the same reasons that you'd rather shop at a local Farmers Market, you should consider canning your own food. Canning the food from your garden means you know exactly what is in your food, and because the food is from your garden you won't be contributing to the emissions from transportation trucks. Because mason jars are reusable, you'll also be cutting back on the waste produced from the packaging of grocery store foods.


The canned food in the grocery stores can be loaded with BPA. Some research has shown that BPA can seep into the food from the containers  that are made with BPA. The possible health concerns of BPA include adverse effects on the brain, behavior,  and prostate glands of fetuses and small children. By choosing to can your own foods you are ensuring the food is BPA free as well as free of preservatives and pesticides. 


Obviously choosing to eat the food from your own garden is cheaper than buying them from the grocery store. The items neccessary for canning also make it much cheaper than buying food from the store. So, as long as you have a little spare time to can the foods yourself, canning is definitely the way to go.