A Back Yard Farm

Hanging out with new friends.

by Joan.

We were invited on this wonderful spring day to speak with parents at Adath Jeshurun Synagogue. We had the most enjoyable morning talking with them about ways in which they could engage their children with gardening projects.  I am always amazed at how my speaking engagements progress. They usually start with small groups but as I get going folks are drawn into the room like magnets due to our subject matter and my joie de vivre:-)  I find such joy in sharing our knowledge with others that it is always contagious:-)

This group was wonderful!  Full of fun questions, sparkles in their eyes, and ready to begin experiments with their kids.  The absolute wonder of working with preschoolers in the garden will always astound me.  Many of them at the beginning of the season are unwilling to try anything from the garden.  As the summer progresses, more hands are raised every week as these young folk learn that food out of your garden tastes like candy!  Watching them burrow for potatoes, pull the green beans (often with vine attached), and sample cherry tomatoes all the while chattering with their friends about how what they are going to sample next keeps this grey haired lady so young at heart.