A Back Yard Farm

Is it Spring Yet?

by Rebecca.

A week ago I had the most amazing dream. The sun was shining, the leaves were green and I was standing barefoot in the raised beds that were installed last year by A Backyard Farm.   Joan and Colleen and I were talking about the upcoming season and all the wonderfullness that we were going to plant.  I was sooo happy!  Although this dream came to an end when I woke up and saw the snow several feet high and I could feel the blasted wind against my window, I know that this dream will soon become a reality.

Last year my husband and I made the investment to have Joan and Colleen of A Backyard Farm install two 4 x 8 beds as well as two 4 x 4 beds for strawberries and rhubarb.  I remember the day they came out to install and I was so happy.  It was so much fun to get out there with the crew and mix the dirt and watch the whole process evolve.  Better than that, I didn't have to build the beds, buy the dirt, figure out what I needed.  They just showed up and my garden appeared.  The rest of the season was filled with learning experiences as a first time farmer, bonding experiences with my son and wonderful meals prepared from our garden.  Sheer bliss.

As of now I am stuck dreaming, but now that I have one year under my belt I go into this season with more confidence and a better understanding of my garden.  Even if I have to wait.

Written by Rebecca Metz
New Farmer