A Back Yard Farm

It's Time To Start Your Seedlings!

by jennifer.

It might not look like spring yet but it is coming and that means it's time to start your seedlings. We've had a couple of warmer days causing all kinds of puddles but there's a lot of snow left to melt. And that's good because we need about 6 weeks for the seedlings to grow before we can plant them outdoors.

The last frost in the Twin Cities is usually around the 10th of May so we'll want to keep our seedlings inside until that time. 

Here's a really handy chart for starting seeds and when to plant from the Old Farmer's Almanac.

Create your own nutrient rich seedling mix of soilless peat moss and mix in equal parts vermiculite and perlite. Fill egg cartons or seedling flats with this mixture and gently press the seeds in with your fingertip. Be sure to label your seeds. 

If you have pets, especially cats and bunnies, you'll want to keep your seedlings out of their reach. A good place for seedlings it the top of the fridge.

Cover the flat with plastic and ventilate with a toothpick. Water as needed and wait for your seedlings to sprout!