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Organic Fertilizers vs. Chemical Fertilizers

by jennifer.

When planting a garden there are so many variables that can affect your plants. One of the most important variables is the soil that your plants are grown in. Chemical fertilizers may be slightly cheaper than organic ones, but there are so many adverse affects that it's really not worth even considering. 

Chemical fertilizers are often 10-10-10 (10 percent nitrogen, 10 percent phosphate, 10 percent potash) and don't give your plants nearly the right amount of nutrients that they need and put them at risk of bug and disease infestations. They also act like a salt and can suck the much needed moisture from the roots of your plants making the leaves appear burnt. Also like salt they easily wash away with the rain and leak into the ground water supply, which not only leaves your plants lacking the few nutrients they were getting, but also pollutes the ground water supply. 

Organic fertilizers on the other hand offer dozens of nutrients that our fruits, veggies, and flowers need, and will help to keep our environment as clean as possible. 

Here at A Backyard Farm we use all organic fertilizers to ensure that your plants are healthy, delicious, good for the environment, and most importantly, good for you. 

Iron Earth

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