A Back Yard Farm

Tips to Ensure Success for Your Raised Bed

by Rebecca.

Before getting the crew from A Backyard Farm out to help me with my own backyard farm, I had done quite a bit of research on organic gardens.  I read about the use of raised beds.  That all seemed easy enough to me except then the article went on to discuss the pitfalls and what was needed to avoid them.  I felt somewhat overwhelmed and that is where I broke down and thought I couldn't do it.

I guess I learn better when I can see it in action or be a part of the process myself.  Watching the crew from A Backyard Farm set up the garden beds was really helpful and I learned some key things:

Use of Trellises:  A trellis is set up on the end of the bed and allows climbing plants like tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, and melons to grow vertically.  This of course increases your available garden space and allows you to pick the veggies standing up - which is a ton of fun!

Use of a Weed Barrier:  An outdoor fabric is stapled to the bottom of the bed to create a weed barrier.  It helps keep the organic veggies rooted in the organic soil, rather than the soil under the raised bed and helps with preventing weeds.

Use of Perlite:  Perlite is mixed in with the soil and this helps keep the moisture in.  So when the bed is watered the perlite absorbs the moisture and keeps the soil moist.