A Back Yard Farm

Benefits of Organic Gardening

by jennifer.

Eating Healthy Food

The most advantageous aspect of organic gardening is most definitely the healthy food that you're growing. No supermarket fruits or vegetables can compare in taste, nutrition, or cleanliness to the freshly plucked harvest your garden will give you. As soon as a fruit or veggie is plucked from the parent plant it starts to slowly degrade in quality, but when you're eating from your own garden you're getting the freshest food possible.


Three of the most important things required for a plant to grow are water, soil, and time. When you're growing your own organic vegetables you have the benefit of being able to carefully tend to the soil of your garden ensuring all of the macro and micro nutrients are present. Here at a back yard farm we use Iron Earth to ensure your plants are getting all of the nutrients necessary for a highly nutritious harvest. Large farms pay little attention to the trace nutrients and elements that are necessary for a plant to achieve the highest possible level of nutrient content. In fact the pesticides and chemicals that are used kill off the bacteria in the soil, bacteria that would otherwise have enhanced the plants ability to absorb the nutrients that are there, leaving a plant that is very low in nutrients. 


Like nutrition, the resulting taste of your plants relies on the nutrients the plants receive during growth. The more nutrients the plant has, the more taste. The chemicals farms use on the plants take away nutrients from the soil, thus taking away the natural flavors of the plant. Another benefit of your own organic farm is that you eat the fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden, guaranteeing you the freshest possible food.