A Back Yard Farm

Planting Potatoes

by Rebecca.

One of my favorite crops last year was the potatoes.  Why the potatoes you ask?  Yes, I can buy organic potatoes at the farmers market or at my neighborhood co op, but the whole process of planting, watching them grow and then of course picking them is SO MUCH DARN FUN!

Last year I learned a lot about potatoes and being that I was SO new, I didnt know that you actually grow a potato from another potato!  Pretty cool huh? Then the potato plants get really tall and look very very lush.  To make room for LOTS of potatoes, Colleen and Joan added boxes on top and we filled it with more dirt as the season went on.  When it was finally time to harvest the potato my son had a BLAST!  That is the best part!  

Rebecca Metz
New Farmer